Project DIG is a unique partnership between BHP and Queensland Museum Network that will transform how we store, explore and share our research and information with communities, students and scientists no matter where they are. This exciting collaboration will see the Museum’s collection shared with the world, providing opportunities for innovators, researchers and students to work together to discover solutions to complex problems of international relevance.

Among the challenges faced by museums in the modern world are the limitations of existing data storage and information management. Project DIG aims to put Queensland Museum Network at the forefront of innovation that will help us meet this challenge. By building a digital research portal that will allow people around the world to access the 1.2 million objects in the State Collection, we'll be able to gain a better understanding of the global significance of Queensland’s cultures, history and biodiversity.

Together BHP and Queensland Museum will create a future where scientists in classrooms and labs from Gladstone to Glasgow can solve the complex problems facing communities worldwide. A five-year, $7.6M undertaking, the collaboration will see significant data sharing across the world, providing opportunities for today’s researchers and tomorrow’s experts to make discoveries of global importance.

Want to know more? Contact the Project DIG team for more information.