Christina is a palaeontologist with a focus on collection management, specimen data integration, sediment processing and fossil sorting within the Geosciences Project DIG team. She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science from Queensland University of Technology. Christina started as a volunteer within Geosciences at Queensland Museum in 2010, works as a Visitor Services Officer and began with Project DIG in 2019. Christina works with Kristen Spring (Collection Manager) on the Geosciences Type Room Project, readying fossil specimens for 3-D scanning as part of our digitisation project. Together, the Geosciences Project DIG team aims to integrate this work within a range of digital platforms, allowing Queensland Museum to better interpret and visualise the fascinating ancient life of Queensland for everyone to explore.

Christina’s Masters focused on the extinct Plio-Pleistocene crocodiles from Queensland, looking at how tooth shape could be used to identify cryptic species diversity. She has expanded this work to include osteoderms, and fossil crocodiles recovered from tropical megafauna sites throughout Queensland.


Bachelor of Science, Queensland University of Technology
Masters of Science, Queensland University of Technology

Research projects supported by Project DIG

Tropical megafauna

Research publications supported by Project DIG

Chiotakis, C., Hocknull, S., Phillips, M. Determining Australian Plio-Pleistocene Crocodilian Diversity Using Three-Dimensional Morphometrics of Dental and Osteoderm Remains. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Program and Abstracts, 2019, p.79.