Joanne Wilkinson is the Senior Fossil Preparator for Geosciences at the Hendra campus of Queensland Museum Network, and has interests in developing preparation and conservation techniques to assist in the preservation of fossil material from a range of Queensland sites, including Pliocene and Pleistocene megafauna sites in South East Queensland; Cretaceous dinosaur material from the Eromanga and Winton regions and recently discovered Eocene fossils from Geebung (Brisbane). Joanne has 29 years experience at Queensland Museum Network developing her skills in acid and mechanical preparation and has participated in numerous field collection trips, assisting with excavations at Winton, Eromanga, Eulo, Roma and the western and eastern Darling Downs. Joanne has also been involved in regional training programs to develop preparation skills in the Winton and Eromanga areas and she continues to support preparators with professional advice.

Joanne currently manages the technical aspects of a range of Queensland Museum Network research projects with the assistance of a team of dedicated volunteers.


Associate Diploma in Applied Science

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