Kristen Spring manages the Queensland Museum Network Geosciences Collections, which include rock, mineral and fossil material, all of which is housed at an offsite storage facility at Hendra.
She joined the museum in 1999 after completing her Bachelor of Science, majoring in Earth Science.  Kristen began in a technical and research role and has extensive field and preparation experience. In 2005 she moved into a Collection Management position but still enjoys the occasional opportunity to head out into the field. Her role includes:

  • Handling all new acquisitions and registering them into the collection
  • Organising specimen storage, movement and handling of these specimens to ensure long-term preservation
  • Understanding and staying updated on the latest geological conservation techniques 
  • Maintaining and updating a digital ‘catalogue’ of all of the collection material, and investigating new technologies to improve how this data is received
  • Organising loans, in and out, between other institutions for research and display.
  • Understanding all aspects of the collection, and organising it in a way that enables the curators and visiting researchers to locate material efficiently.
  • Provide advice to regional museums on collection management practices

Her knowledge of collection management procedures has enabled her to both create and implement various policies, procedures and guidelines which will be used to further benefit the long term preservation and care of the Geosciences Collections.


BSc (Majoring in Earth Sciences)

Social media

Twitter @kristraining

Major Collection Project supported by Project DIG

The Type Collection Re-boxing and Scanning Project will focus on the re-boxing and storage of our highly important Type Collection. Type material includes a specimen, or possibly a set of specimens on which the description and name of a new species is based. The new storage will involve a secure archival box fitted with a creative and specially designed cradle, specific to the specimen, to reduce movement. This will accommodate not only long term storage and preservation, but will fully facilitate the transfer and positioning of the specimen for a variety of scanning and imaging methods. This imaging data will maximise their research potential and reduce the risks of damage to the material due to over-handling, therefore again supporting the long term preservation of this unique and amazing State Collection.

Kristen has also supported the tropical megafauna research project.

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