Queensland Museum is home to more than 370,000 photographs of intriguing Collection objects, live animals, stunning landscapes, fossils, and rare historical photos – images that span almost 70 years and that for most of that time have been locked away in filing cabinets.

With help from our wonderful volunteers, the Museum’s Publications and Photography team have been busy digitising thousands of analogue photographs and creating an online database which will be opening to the public in August through an online portal.

You’ll be able to see images of intriguing collection objects, live animals, stunning landscapes, fascinating fossils and rare historical images, all in exquisite high-resolution detail.

Create albums to share with friends, colleagues or classmates, pin your personal favourites together, browse Museum-curated collections, or run a search for ‘stomatopod’ to find out what that is!

And we won’t just be limiting ourselves to a catalogue of 2D images – we’ll be making our collection of video, audio and eventually even 3D images available through the portal. With extensive scientific and academic data accompanying each image, the portal will be a valuable resource for everyone who wants to learn more about the images and objects in our collection.