Wild State

Queensland is a wild state, full of unique animals and habitats. It has more animal species than anywhere else in Australia and it is also one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. From our remote outback to our pristine coastline and the oceans beyond, Queensland is defined by its distinctive environments and animals that are as rare and unusual as they are beautiful. Wild State gallery takes visitors through five breathtaking environmentsthe arid outback, iconic eucalypt forest, tropical rainforest, sun-drenched coastal zones and teeming marine environments. Find out more.

Lost Creatures

Lost Creatures introduces you to some of Queensland’s long-lost inhabitants, including dinosaurs, giant marine reptiles and megafauna. Meet some of our state’s inhabitants from millions of years ago and marvel at their diversity and immense size. Find out about the challenges they faced at a time of great upheaval and change. Featuring some of our most significant fossil finds, our famous Muttaburrasaurus reconstruction and new 3D modelling of Queensland dinosaurs, this is a larger than life exhibition you won’t want to miss! Find out more.

Unearthed! – Saturday 17 August 2019

Join us for this FREE annual event as we celebrate National Science Week with the Mackay community on Saturday 17 August 2019. Join a STEM Punks workshop, learn about robotics using LEGO, create a virtual reality application, find fossils with our experts and learn more about the supersized creatures that once roamed this very region. Find out more.