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Discover a time where humankind knew no borders. A place where objects and ideas were shared harmoniously across cultures. Travel across the iconic Coral Sea and explore the rich relationships of ancient First Nations communities – their trade, customs and connections.

Connections across the Coral Sea reveals the latest archaeological research around the earliest movements and trade between the seafaring cultures of Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait and the northeast coast of Queensland.

Experience the language, stories and the spiritual connections of voyagers long ago. See real artefacts that endure the customs and talent of the ancient Pacific artisans that created them. Come full circle as you step into the modern day and learn about research and technology used to piece together the puzzle of a thriving cultural movement that existed since time immemorial.

Outrigger canoe

A story of movement. A story of life. A story to be told.

On at Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville.

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