Spark curiosity in your classroom with digital learning resources and experiences that connect students with real Queensland Museum Network collections and research.  Explore ancient Queensland, interact with real museum specimens and get up close with giant extinct megafauna that roamed ancient Queensland. 

Meet the megafauna

Who were the supersized creatures that roamed tropical northern Australia 40,000 years ago and what did they look like?


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Create your own billabong scene from the past

Colour and create your own diorama with four supersized and extinct megafauna from ancient Queensland. 

billabong with megafauna reconstructions

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Discover giant extinct megafauna in 3D

Get up close to giant extinct megafauna and see amazing discoveries from the past.

giant megafauna in 3D  

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Interact with real specimens from our collections and research

Get hands on with specimens from the State Collection and use real datasets to conduct your own research.

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