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Ice age climatic shifts

Dr Paul Oliver explores how forest animals adjusted to life in the last ice age.


Preserving an endangered dendroglpyh

Using innovative technology to preserve Aboriginal cultural assets for generations to come.


Middlemount trace fossils

Queensland Museum Network researchers are working to identify mysterious footprints in Central Queensland.


Tropical megafauna

Discover the supersized creatures that roamed ancient Queensland 40,000 years ago and what drove them to extinction.


Uncovering biodiversity hotspots

Dr Paul Oliver investigates how different animals are responding to climatic changes, and where we can find them.


Legless lizards of Queensland

Legless lizard research paints a picture of evolutionary history of Queensland animals and plants.


Cretaceous marine reptiles of Queensland

Dr Espen Knutsen explores how Cretaceous marine reptiles from Queensland have changed over time.