Many 3D digital experiences available to the public are fiction. Whether this is an online game or an animation created by artists with only concepts to use. Authentic museum experiences need to use the original 3D model created directly from its collection items and sites.

Project DIG has partnered with Swedish based 3D-visualisation software company Interspectral to transform our collections and research into amazing digital exhibitions. Inside Explorer software takes real scientific datasets and composites them into a story about the specimen and the environment around it. Visitors can interact with our collections and research through touch screens and touch tables providing an engaging learning experience for people of all ages. 

Digital exhibitions provide greater public accessibility to our collections, allowing our visitors to engage and interact with our rare, fragile and valuable specimens. 


Realted Item


Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Ocean Predators

Ancient marine reptiles brought to life in digital Sea Monsters exhibition.


Unearthed free community event in Mackay

Unearthed visitors explore Queensland's past on giant touch screens and tables.