A new trace fossil site has been discovered containing over 300 individual traces (such as footprints) covering a muddy sandstone exposed at the base of a creek in Middlemount, Central Queensland.

Realising the vulnerable state of the fossil site, Queensland Museum Network’s Dr Espen Knutsen worked with the area’s Traditional Owners the Barada Barna People, BHP and James Cook University (JCU) to create a high resolution 3D model of the site. The model was pieced together using innovative visualisation tools including photogrammetry (using measurements from photographs), laser scanning and drone footage.

This project will:

  • Analyse the 3D model to determine the extent, origin and significance of the fossils
  • Conduct a geochemical analysis of rock samples and microfossil remains to determine the age and environment of the site
  • Provide public access to the 3D model through Queensland Museum Network’s Sketchfab page

The newly gathered data for this site will create rare insights into the past allowing Project DIG to share the Isaac region’s natural and cultural heritage with visitors and researchers worldwide.